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Lepidurus arcticus survey Northeast Greenland 2013

Latest version published by Norwegian University of Science and Technology on 20 August 2019 Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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20 August 2019
CC0 1.0

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Small survey of Lepidurus arcticus (tadpole shrimp)occurrences and relative abundance (CPUE from standardized sweep-net survey) in ponds and lakes of the Zackenberg area, North-east Greenland July and August 2013. Includes both presence and absence information.

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Finstad A G, Hendrichsen D K, Nilsen E (2019): Lepidurus arcticus survey Northeast Greenland 2013. v1.9. NTNU University Museum. Dataset/Samplingevent.


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Who created the resource:

Anders Gravbrøt Finstad
Associate Professor
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Natural History
Ditte Katrine Hendrichsen
Noregian Institution for Nature Research
Erlend Nilsen
Senior Researcher
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

Who can answer questions about the resource:

Anders Gravbrøt Finstad
Associate Professor
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Natural History

Who else was associated with the resource:

Anders Gravbrøt Finstad

Geographic Coverage

Two main study areas: Zackenberg valley (close to the Zackenberg research station) and Lille Sødal (close to the Daneborg research station).

Bounding Coordinates South West [74.3, -20.82], North East [74.53, -19.86]

Taxonomic Coverage

Lepidurus arcticus identified to species

Species Lepidurus arcticus (tadpole shrimp)

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2013-07-19 / 2013-08-11

Project Data

No Description available

Title Trophic interactions, temperature and greening in a changing climate (C-13-4(13))
Funding The research leading to these data has received funding for logistics from INTERACT(grant agreement 262693) under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme to Anders G. Finstad and from the Zackenberg Research Operations. Researchers salary and indirect costs covered by the Norwegian institute for Nature Research.
Design Description Sweep net (diameter 45 cm) using 8 or more Z-sweeps at each location.

The personnel involved in the project:

Anders Gravbrøt Finstad
Ditte Katrine Hendrichsen
Erlend Nilsen
Niels Martin Schmidt

Sampling Methods

During the summer 2013 (July-August) a field campaign was conducted where 21 ponds / small lakes in the Zackenberg and Daneborg area North-east Greenland. Semi-quantitative samples of Lepidurus arcticus (using Z-sweeps) where taken several times each pond. The lakes and ponds ranged in size from 2500 to 147000 m2 and depth from 50 to > 300 cm.

Study Extent Lakes and ponds in the proximity of Zackenberg and Daneborg research stations North-east Greenland July-August 2013

Method step description:

  1. Data entered on paper in field and transferred to MS xl spreadsheets. Converted to Darwin Core Archive format using the dplyr and tidyr libraries in R (

Additional Metadata

Alternative Identifiers 78360224-5493-45fd-a9a0-c336557f09c3